Hope Stained Portraits
a film by Fabiana Piscitelli Gil
production 5e6 film

DOCUMENTARY | 80′ | COLOR | DCP | 2023


Unthinkable decisions are made in times of crisis. In Venezuela that crisis is now and there is no end in sight. Hope Stained Portraits is a documentary-drama that explores the lives and struggles of its people. Synopsis All Venezuelans are victims of a two decade disaster caused by their government as the result of an illegitimate mandate. Venezuela is a country where child prostitution has become the norm. It is the third biggest hub worldwide for trafficking of underage sex slaves. In this place, people have to make unthinkable sacrifices just to survive. The society is broken, but the people must fight on. This dramatic documentary explores the realities of Venezuelans through true accounts of individuals, explored through a series of intertwining “portraits”.

Trailer 1st Episode


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