We produce films that capture the ever-changing world and society through people’s passions, abilities, and perspectives.

5e6 is a film production company based in Italy.

Founded in 2011, the company has built a staff of experienced professionals, including expertise in editing, color correction, and motion graphics. Post-production processes are managed internally thanks to a strategic artistic approach and possession of new, innovative technology.

The company has produced Claudio Di Biagio’s first movie, Andarevia (produced by Rai Cinema); the movies of the contemporary artist, Armando Lulaj, presented at the 56th Venice Biennale Exhibition in 2015; Talien (Grand Prize of the Jury of the TFF 2017, special mention “Nastri d’Argento 2018”) by the director Elia Mouatamid, who is currently working on the new film, Sibela; Beyun, a 2017 documentary about the Evenki people which was selected among the six international projects to participate in the MM2017 in London and is currently in pre-production; “Una Jeunesse Italianne” is the first work by Mathieu Volpe, a young Belgian director, co-produced with the Belgian production Replica, realized during 2018 and today in post-production.

5e6 has collaborated with numerous institutions including the Venice Biennale Foundation, the University of Brescia, the Laba Academy, the Albanian Ministry of Culture, and the Film Commission Sardinia.

5e6 also offers field coordination and support, both logistic and artistic, for foreign productions. It was the executive production for numerous international projects including Mind of a Chef (Zero Point Zero – PBS – Netflix), Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Zero Point Zero – CNN), Year Million (Radical Media – National Geographic), and Grand Tour (Amazon Studios).

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