Ludendo docet
a film by Luca Ferri
production 5e6 film (ITA) in co-production with Lab 80 (ITA)

DOCUMENTARY | 70′ | COLOR | DCP | 2024


A documentary film that is the portrait of a film critic seen by a director. Where contemporary cinema manipulates reality by hiding itself, this experiment manifests its opposite in an explicit and evident way. The critic was asked to be willing to travel to the city of Bergamo and participate in a film experiment lasting 70 minutes: tasting 2 kg of oysters while simultaneously drinking 2 bottles of wine, and answering 15 questions of a cultural nature and 15 solicitations of a private and personal nature. The outcome is a ruinous game in which the sense of filming and the fragility of a human being merge in a melancholy testament.


written and directed by
Luca Ferri

Andrea Miele

Domenico Monetti, Vincenzo Turca, Annamaria Poma Swank, Stefano Burroni, Antonella Burroni


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