a film by Armando Lulaj
production 5e6 film (ITA) in co-production with Debatik Center (ALBANIA)


“Recapitulation” is part of the “Albanian trilogy: A series of Devious Stratagems”


On December 23, 1957, at 11:10 AM, a US Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star aircraft flown by Major Howard J. Curran left Chateauroux, France, heading for Naples, Italy. Above Turin, the aircraft radio failed and after hitting bad weather with strong winds, the plane veered off its flight path to end up, by mistake, in the sovereign airspace of the People’s Republic of Albania. At 1:28 PM, the intruder was intercepted by the Albanian Air Force Command, which instantly ordered two MiG-15 fighter jets to take off and identify it. By 3:50 PM, the fighters reported that they had spotted the intruder in the area around Rinas Airport, flying at 500-650 km/hr at an altitude of 150-200 m. Prompt countermeasures were taken. The airplane was forced to land and, to keep it from taking off again, the airport was locked down.


with the “Albanian Trilogy: A Series of Devious Stratagems”

38° Cinema du réel

56° Biennale d’Arte di Venezia

Global Chengde International video art exhibition, Chengde, China (2017)


written and directed by
Armando Lulaj

produced by
Graziano Chiscuzzu


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