Still Here
a film by Suranga Katugampala
production 5e6 film (ITA), with Okta film (ITA) and Rai Cinema (ITA) in co-production with Subobscura (FRA), Kaiya Collective (Sri Lanka) and Faktura Film (DE)



A ghostly tree emerges from the fog swirling around a shabby courtyard in the Tuarith. Two children sitting on the steps are waiting for the return of their mother, who has set off on a journey to a mysterious place called Maximum City. Tired of waiting, they venture beyond the confines of the courtyard and discover an old door, hidden behind a tangle of overgrown plants; every night, a mysterious barge moors here, laden with its glittering bright cargo. Having lost all hope of their mother returning someday, the two siblings decide to go and join her…


produced by

with the support of

written by
Suranga D. Katugampala and Simona Cella

directed by
Suranga D. Katugampala

produced by
Graziano Chiscuzzu and Chiara Budano


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